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Photoshop CC 2019 Training in Los Angeles & Chicago

Training Connection has been the leading Authorized Adobe Training Center in Los Angeles and Chicago for the last 12 years. What makes our classes different to other training centers is that we develop our own unique courseware. We do this to make the projects more relevant and more current with latest design techniques, which leads to a more enjoyable learning experience. Every Photoshop student receives a bound color Photoshop training manual.

All our Photoshop classes have been updated to the latest version of Photoshop version 2019. 2019 was a big update for Photoshop, so make sure you train on the latest version to get the most out of the software.

We also have Photoshop training offerings for different levels of Photoshop users.

Our Photoshop Quickstart class is a 1 day Photoshop class aimed at beginners who only need a short introduction to the program.

Photoshop Fundamentals is a 3 day Photoshop class also aimed at newbies, but as Photoshop is such a vast program it really lets to get under the hood and learn some really amazing stuff.

Photoshop Advanced is a 2 day Photoshop course aimed at exisiting users looking to cover more advanced techniques.

Finally for those of you new to Photoshop and who want to learn all you can about Photoshop - there is our 5-day Zero to Hero Photoshop Bootcamp class. This 5-day class will take you from a beginner to advanced user over 5 days.

The classes are hands-on and we train on the latest 28 inch iMac or Windows computers. And the trainers are live in the room with you, and able to assist if you get stuck. We have 4 talented Adobe Certified Photoshop trainers, Eva, Kristain, Beverley and Chana.

We also include a free repeat with each class valid for 6 months. So if you need a refresher its totally free, plus you can often get onto a different trainers class which means you have a different Photoshop learning experience.

To find out more about our unique Chicago and Los Angeles Photoshop classes please call us on 888.815.0604 or click here.

Billy Gee
Director of Training
Training Connection


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