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Private After Effects training in Los Angeles

This local Californian-based client needed 38 video editors trained in the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects over 3 weeks. The initial problem was our video lab was already book for 3 straight weeks, so we decided to build a second video to accommodate the client.

We aquired 14 brand new iMac computers with 28" monitors and 32 Gigs of RAM, resulting in us have 2 of the best video training labs in Los Angeles. Dual-boot iMac allow users to work on Windows or OSX so they are phenomial for training and the large screens come in very handy too. A decent video lab can really make or break a video editing class. Premiere Pro and After Effects both require a lot of RAM to run smootly.

Kristian our superstar trainer taught all 3 classes. He has been with Training Connection for 3 years and is a highly talented videographer who brings a wealth of real world experience into his classes. Our trainees love his energy, dynamism and his willingness to help students during breaks etc.  

Overall the training was a huge success with an average trainee evaluation of 4.96 out of 5. The lowest rating being 4.50 out of 5. Here is some of the feedback left by the trainees:

“Kristian was one of the best yet software trainers that we have had. He engaged all in the class, did not hesitate to bring be along when I lost the training thread. He went outside the core software training to provide better understanding of what Ai was actually doing and why certain choices were more desirable than other. Can’t say enough good about his knowledge/style.” - Anonymous

“Instructor has a very relatable and easy teaching style. He never talks over your head about topics and provides easy to understand explanations to questions. He’s very passionate and enthusiastic about the material which makes the class more interesting.” - Jeff Baur

“Excellent. Best Adobe training that we have received. Kristian is extremely adept at tailoring the coursework to align with career goals. “ - Marco Huerta

“Kristian was the best training instructor I have had in the many training sessions I have attended. He is a definite pro and really knows his stuff!” - NICHOLAS SHANE MOLLRING

"Kristian was a great instructor, very knowledgeable, entertaining and extremely well organized. He was able to keep the class moving while adding interesting sidebars that made it enjoyable to attend.” - Anonymous

“This is far and away the best training of the three we’ve had. Use Training Connection and Kristian again for all Adobe training. Also, new equipment at work to be able to run the programs in a real-world environment.” - David Chapman

“I enjoyed this class very much. I have never used After Effects before, but after the first day of this class I felt like I could make really good basic effects. I will be able to use everything that I learned this week.” - John Dix

If you are looking for a great After Effects class in Los Angeles. We run public classes for beginner and advanced users as well as private group classes and we can also send one of our trainers to deliver onsite After Effects training.

Please visit our After Effects training page for more details or call us on 888.815.0604. For a onsite training quotation please click here.

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