Managing Themes In Excel

Managing Themes In Excel

Themes control most of the visual aspects of any workbook and choosing the right theme is important to how your data is displayed. Over the course of this topic you will learn about themes in Excel 2016 and how they can be both changed and customized.

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Topic Objectives

In this topic, you will learn:
  1. About themes and how to change them
  2. How to customize themes

About Themes

Themes are a combination of preset colors, fonts, and effects. Each theme includes 12 colors, font selections for header and body text, as well as colors and effects for shapes and SmartArt.

To change a workbook’s theme, click Page Layout → Themes:

changing a workbook theme screenshot

This will show a gallery of themes. As you mouse over each thumbnail in this gallery, you will see a preview applied to your workbook (if it has theme elements such as SmartArt, headers, or body text). Click the new theme to apply it:

excel theme elements screenshot

Customizing Themes

The default theme for new workbooks in Microsoft Excel 2016 is Office. You can customize the styles offered by this theme or any other theme that is currently applied by choosing a new style options from the Colors, Fonts, and Effects drop-down commands that are found inside the Themes group of the Page Layout tab.

custom themes tab screenshot

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