Using Comments in Excel

Using Comments in Excel

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In this article, we will learn how to:
  • Insert comments
  • Edit comments
  • Navigate through comments
  • Delete comments

Inserting Comments

To insert a comment into your worksheet, first click to select the cell that you would like to attach the comment to. For this example, click to select G4:

comment in worksheet

Next, click Review → New Comment:

click review

The comment will then be added to the selected cell. Cells that have a comment added to them will be indicated with a red upper right-hand corner. The comment text box will be displayed. For this example, type “Please review.” into this text box:

comment added to cell

Click elsewhere on your worksheet and the comment text box will be hidden:

box no longer shows

Editing Comments

To display any comments that appear on your worksheet, click on the cell that the comment has been attached to. For example, click cell G4:

display any comment

While this will display the comment, you wont be able to edit it. To do this keep the cell selected, and then click Review → Edit Comment:

click review to edit comment

The comment that is attached to the current cell will now be displayed and you will be able to edit it. For this example, replace the text in this comment with “Please review for errors:”

edit text

After you have edited your comment, click elsewhere on your worksheet to apply the changes.

Navigating Through Comments

While comments that exist in your worksheet are indicated by a red upper right-hand corner, a quicker way to navigate through your comments is to use the commands on the Review tab. Click Review → Next:

use command tab to navigate

The first comment will now be displayed:

comment now shown

Again, click Review → Next:

click review next

The next consecutive comment will be displayed and the previous comment will be hidden:

previous comment hidden

Keep following this system to continue through the comments that exist within your worksheet. If you need to go backwards, click Review → Previous.

Deleting Comments

To delete a comment, first click to select the cell that the comment that you want to delete is attached to. For this example, click to select cell G4:

select comment to delete

Next, click Review → Delete:

click review delete

The comment will now have been deleted from the selected cell. If necessary, this action can be undone using the Undo command.


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