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Using Conditional Text with Images in InDesign

These topics are covered in Module 4 of our InDesign Advanced training course.

Conditional Text in InDesign is similar to Layer Comps in Photoshop. But in InDesign it is limited to text only.

You can use conditional text with images by changing them to Inline Graphics.

Place the Small Zebra.PSD and Small Elephant.PSD on the second page. Type: This Zebra has Stripes. Copy the Zebra file and paste it at the end of the word to create a inline Graphics. Create a new Condition named Zebra.

Conditional Images workaround in InDesign

Conditional images and text

Do the same with the Elephant image. Create a new condition. You can see that the image is selected with the type tool and will create a conditional Text.

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Using conditional text in InDesign

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