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Business Etiquette Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles on how to improve the way you communicate. We also run business etiquette classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Etiquette Learning Resources:

How to use Business Cards

Handing out Business CardsNetworking is not complete without receiving or giving a business card. The business card is a way for you to follow up on the people you have met. Likewise, it is a way for them to contact you for further meetings. More than that, your business card is a way to brand yourself. Professional-looking business cards send the message that you’re professional. Adding your company motto or tagline in your business advertises you and what you’re all about. Read more.

Building Relationships via Networking
Networking for SuccessWhen you’re networking, it is important to make the most of the first meeting. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to create an effective introduction, make a good first impression and minimize nervousness. Read more.

How to Meet and Greet Clients
Common Body Language mistakesAn introduction is almost always accompanied by a handshake and conversation. In this lesson, we would discuss the three steps that make an effective handshake and the four levels of conversation. Read more.

Business Etiquette Dining Rules
Common Body Language mistakesConducting business over meals is a great way to build business relationships. Meals make for a more casual atmosphere compared to offices, and are therefore more conducive for a relaxed discussion. In this module, we would discuss some of the etiquette rules when dining with business associates such as understanding place setting, etiquette rules while eating, and ways to avoid sticky situations. Read more.

When is it okay not to tip?
Common Body Language mistakesWhat constitutes bad service? A bad attitude? A delay? A spill? A stupid question? Unless a rat runs over your food and they refuse to get you another plate, to express your dissatisfaction by by not tipping at all says more about your lack of class and education than those you decided to punish by not tipping. In this article we will cover why, how and when not to tip. Read more.

Holiday Party Etiquette
Dining EtiquetteThe movie Office Christmas Party is sure to give us plenty of laughs over what not to do at your holiday parties at the end of the year. Let’s take a moment to consider valuable tips to ensure you plan, show up and continue a positive impression on colleagues and clients you work with after all the feasting, drinking and Uber rides get you home after a great night out. Read more.

Borrowing Etiquette in the Workplace
Common Body Language mistakesIt is that awkward feeling every time you see a certain somebody at the office. The culprit? Guilt. You borrowed something and at some point, you need to give it back. What you borrowed is possibly something you still need, keep forgetting to bring in, you have not used yet or maybe you are not sure where you put it! Maybe you are on the other side of this. Read more.

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