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Presentation Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles on how to improve the way you communicate. We also run presentation classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Presentation Resources:

Overcoming Nerves during a Presentation
How to overcome nervousnessNervousness is normal when giving a presentation. After all, public speaking is the top fear in the top ten lists of fears. Nervousness can strike at different points in a presentation. Read more.

Using PowerPoint during a Presentation
Powerpoint for presentationsMicrosoft PowerPoint is a commanding tool for creating visual screens for a presentation. Visuals created in PowerPoint and projected on a screen are often easier to see in a large room than information displayed on a flip chart. Using PowerPoint offers the following benefits. Read more.

Delivering Engaging Presentations
Engaging with audienceBringing your presentation to the next level is something you can accomplish by adding some little touches that will produce a lot of value during your presentation. Read more.

Pause before you Present
Engaging with audienceWatch any game show and you will see that the pressure is on for contestants to articulate their best answer within 30 seconds. This expectation follows many people into the real world while it is not the best practice for corporate communication. Read more.

Using Visuals to deliver Engaging Presentations
Engaging with audienceHow can we make presentations dynamic, memorable and practical? In this article, I can show you how you can engage all the senses of a live audience to capture, keep and ensure your corporate audiences come away with something they can use. Read more.

Using Sounds to deliver Engaging Presentations
Engaging with audienceSound is slightly less fast than the speed of light therefore it follows my part 1 well. Quality sound can make or break any recorded or live presentation. It even has biological effects on the body and can affect hormones that affect stress and focus. Read more.

Using Movement to deliver Engaging Presentations
Engaging with audienceWhen I train, it is important for me to play with proximity, energy of the room, and physical simulations so that the experience is memorable and engages the whole body. After reading Brain Rules by DR. JOHN J. MEDINA, a developmental molecular biologist, I was further confirmed in my teaching strategies that getting learners and myself to move around the room affected learning just as much as bringing well organized information for the brain to retain. Read more.

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