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Business Writing Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles on how to improve the way you communicate. We also run business writing classes in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Writing Learning Resources:

Spelling and Grammar Tips

Communication via gesturesThe building blocks of any writing, whether for business or social purposes, are words. Failure to use words properly can affect the over-all impact of your prose. In this article we will discuss the spelling of words and grammar issues in writing. Read more.

How to Write a Business Proposal
Communication via gesturesIt is not just in face-to-face interactions that we have to put our best foot forward. The same can be said in written correspondence, more particularly when you are submitting a business proposal. In this module, we would discuss the basic structure of a proposal, how to select a proposal format, and tips in writing a proposal. Read more.

How to Write a Business Report
Communication via gesturesDocumentation is important in business. Sometimes documentation is the only way supervisors can monitor the company’s quality of work. At other times, documentation is the key to spotting best and worst practices. In this article, we will discuss the basic structure of reports, how to choose the right format, and tips on writing reports. Read more.

Constructing Sentences
Communication via gesturesThis article will discuss the parts of a sentence, its proper punctuation, and the four kinds of sentences. Read more.

Fast and Effective Emails
Communication via gesturesEmail writing was intended for faster communication. How fast can you make your point? Considering your reader’s experience with email can make the difference of whether a person takes action when receiving your message. In this article, we research and adapt for an audience always on the go! Read more.

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