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After Effects Training Resources

Below you will find useful informational articles , including tips and tricks, how-to articles etc. Content is updated on a weekly basis. We also offer training training on Adobe After Effects.

After Effects Learning Resources:

Ordering Effects in After Effects
After Effects LogoThe order of your effects in the Effects Control panel will determine how things look in After Effects. Here I've applied a Drop Shadow effect to my spaceman and brought the distance away in the effects control panel. Read more.

Creating backgrounds and text with animated colors in After Effects
After Effects CC LogoGo to Composition/New Composition. Create a composition with the preset of your choice. You can select layer/new layer or use the keyboard shortcuts Cmnd/Y or Control Y, then click ok to create a solid. Read more.

Creating Spinning Objects
Adobe After Effects CCIn After Effects go to Composition/New Composition. Choose the preset of your choice. We are going with HDTV1080 29;97, background color black and then
Click OK. We are ready to bring in our planet. We are using a flat planet map of the earth. Read more.

Illustrator to After Effects: 3D Logo Workflow
Adobe After Effects CCThe ability to take a custom vector logo designed in Illustrator and bring it to After Effects for animation is invaluable. Animated network Idents, logos, lower thirds - the applications are endless. In this quick, down and dirty guide, let us look at the best ways to get your logos from Illustrator to After Effects and prep them to be animated in 3D. Read more.

Superhero Motion Effects In Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effects CCThe other day I was watching the series The Flash on Netflix and remembered how, when I was younger, I wanted to run "superhero" fast! Who wouldn't want to do that? For a short while, my 7-year-old self was a believer that this was actually possible. Unfortunately, the inevitable reality set in. Combine this with my body type and the fact that I hated physical education. I think you get the idea! Anyways, motion blur and motion trail effects have been a staple of the superhero and fantasy film genres for a very long time. Read more.

5 Common problems experienced using After Effects
Adobe After Effects CCWhenever you are learning a new application - there are always quirks, oddly programmed features and tricks you must embrace to take full advantage of that application. After Effects, like any professional software, has a number of these "quirks" or problems you need to figure out to truly master this amazing software. The following are common issues, with solutions, that many first-time After Effects users face when learning After Effects. Read more.

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