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Adobe Learning
Microsoft Office Learning
Working with Records

Working with Records

To add records to a table, you have the option of entering them manually, using a form, or using the import tools on the External Data tab. As the database we are using does not have a form for it yet and we do not have external data we can import into it, we will add records manually. Read more

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The Visio Interface

The Visio Interface

When your Outlook items become out of date, you can store them or delete them. You can archive them automatically after a specified time interval or archive them manually. When you archive your items, you store them in your My Documents folder on your hard drive. Read more

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Web Development Learning

Applying CSS Tags to HTML

In my HTML/CSS class at Training Connection we learn different ways of adding CSS styles to our HTML documents. There are benefits and drawbacks of each method available but first let's make sure we understand what a CSS Style is and why we use them. Read more


JavaScript Variable Scopes

You know what a function is and you know how to create variables. But, did you know that a variable behaves differently when it is used inside a function? Specifically, we are talking about variable scope. No, not the mouthwash for variables. Read more

Business and Softskills
How to use Business Cards

How to use Business Cards

Networking is not complete without receiving or giving a business card. The business card is a way for you to follow up on the people you have met. Likewise, it is a way for them to contact you for further meetings. More than that, your business card is a way to brand yourself. Professional-looking business cards send the message that you’re professional. Adding your company motto or tagline in your business advertises you and what you’re all about. Read more

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5 Golden Goal Setting Tips

5 Golden Goal Setting Tips

1. Make self-love and happiness your No.1 Goal. Self-love and inner happiness is the key to unlocking your full potential. All other goals such as career, family, wealth, health, relationships and lifestyle all become significantly easier once you have achieved inner-peace and self- acceptance. Read more

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